IEEE OES Underwater Technology 21

UT21 Online

Underwater Video Competition

UT21 Online with Awards Ceremony: March 2, 2021

Announcing the Video Competition Winners!

Category 1 - Research Presentation

Grand Prize 

New Approaches for Practical Simultaneous Operation of Multi-AUVs  Kangsoo Kim


Development of underwater amphibious robot "PEAR” Taesik Kim

Young Researcher Prize 

Parent-Child-Based Navigation Method of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Ship-Free Underwater Survey Takumi Matsuda

Young Researcher Prize 

-RamaCam- deep-sea particle analyser by integrating holography and  Raman spectroscopy Tomoko Takahashi

Category 2 - General

Grand Prize 

A Multimodal Hybrid Aerial Underwater Vehicle NEZHA-III Chenxin Lyu


Standing Submarine "I-47” Tamaki Ura

Young Researcher Prize 


Young Researcher Prize 

Jelly fish robot to catch micro plastic debris Yusuke Inoue

Registered participants can watch the Award Ceremony and the Winning Videos until March 11.

IEEE OES International Symposium on Underwater Technology 2021 was postponed til March 2023 due to Covid-19. We will organize UT21 Online Event during the original symposium dates to make up for the face to face meeting. We hope you will join us for this special program, Underwater Video Competition.

This project aims to stimulate research and development in undersea technology and oceanographic monitoring by providing intellectual stimulation to researchers and engineers by introducing their research and attractive videos to each other. In addition, we aim to build momentum for UT21, which has been postponed for two years.

UT21 calls for videos designed to promote the appeal of Underwater Technology (Undersea Engineering) to a wide audience. Specific themes for the videos are as follows: 

1. Environmental Monitoring 

2. Marine Robotics

3. Marine Mineral Resources 

4. Renewable Energy 

5. Marine Construction 

6. Observatory and Disaster Mitigation 

7. Fishery Engineering 

8. Acoustics and Communications

9. Sensors 

10. Underwater Technology with Covid-19

The International Symposium on Underwater Technology provides a thematic umbrella under which attendees discuss the problems and potential long-term solutions that concern not only the Pacific Rim countries, but the world in general.